Remote Support

KTS partners with AeroAdmin Remote Desktop Support Software.

For more information about AeroAdmins Security, please see the section below.



AeroAdmin provides end-to-end encryption with strong AES-256 and RSA-1024 cryptographic keys. This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL, and corresponds to contemporary world security standards.

All the packages sent and received during communication with remote end (including, keyboard and mouse signals, images and files transfers) are totally encrypted. Only endpoints taking part in a remote access session have the keys and are able to decrypt the packages.

The encryption keys are dynamic and generated for each session on random basis, they are not stored.


All AeroAdmin IDs are generated randomly. If someone tries to brute-force and guess the ID and password, the anti-brute-force system immediately comes to action.

Attackers will be banned with a progressive incremental timeout.


AeroAdmin security policy implies decentralization of crucial user data.

No passwords (including password hashes) or any other sensitive user data is stored on AeroAdmin servers, they are stored locally on each user computer in encrypted form.